A PyTorch videocourse

Sept. 21, 2022

Earlier this year, I started recording a PyTorch course with the idea to finally offer a (paid) PyTorch 101 certificate for those interested, mainly targeted at people sent by their employers.

Today, I'm giving you the first lecture video and notebook for free as as special gift. I thought about letting you sign up on the chat instance I use for the course, but to make it more easy for you, I just put it up here. This session is just about tensors, so the regulars will already know, the second session is about data representation and might be much more interesting. Maybe I put that up on the chat.


So here is the video:

And the Notebook.


If you have your own PyTorch education neeeds, I'm available for tailored courses and workshops, too. I've been working with everyone from beginners to people who already built a DL framework themselves and from research institutions to startups to multinational companies. Contact me at tv@lernapparat.de if you want to know more.

And who knows, maybe this is a covert campaign for the one and only MathInf PyTorch 101 certificate.